Gridworker Community Call


This one is for all the gridworkers, particularly those who have trained with me. Many of us have continued in the etherics and cemented our friendships and teamwork throughout the past year both on and offline. It is time for us to touch base and for me to give updates on the status of the gridsystems upon which we focused in training as well as to address that which is opening-up. A lot has changed in the grids since we first came together. We have entered a beautiful phase of light artchitecture and I am excited to share more about what that means with all of you. (If you have not trained with me yet are called to this message, you are welcomed as well!)

A secondary reason I am calling us together is that I know we are moving into another substantial transition coming near March. It feels important to evaluate where our alignments are and to step up our cooperation in this new series of energy waves. In private and intermediate training, we focus very closely on mission connections and targeting skill-sets and creation. If it feels right, I am happy to adapt the sharing strategy to be in alignment with what is coming through as necessary for ascension, and to create a regular online training and sharing space where we can come to be our best each week or two. These calls are powerful, as is the opportunity to connect in real time. *I know for those of you making transition that money is tight, and so I also feel like this is a great way to continue our connection while also being mindful of the time and energy that I put into the act of holding space, energy clearing, and mission training work. As we move forward, I am happy to make exceptions and adjustments where necessary to support those connecting in through the heart*

Date: Sunday, February 25 at 12 MST

Cost: $22.22 CAD with 5 sponsored spots to be granted to past students.

Location: Zoom

To register: Send payment to and then contact to signal your intent. Sponsorship student requests may also go to that email. In your email to me, please feel free to share a quick update on your work and/or what you are keen to learn about these days.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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