Ascension Ceremony Pictorial: Ceremony for Rose

Greetings, friends!

I am a bit slow on my posting this week because I have been full steam ahead with some gatekeeping duties. I am sharing this very beautiful post that was made on my personal facebook page last week because in it, there is this beautiful pictorial about ascension ceremony that shows so many beautiful components including teamwork, light family, and lots of high vibe light codes.

Last week, I shared with you about calling of our Collective into ceremony to begin to a) shift out certain blocks on the line and b) infuse our timelines with new Christed frequencies being made. This is something that I and many others have been working on for some time. This work combined with influxes around and through the new moon/solar eclipse energy has created space to raise the vibration of our collective timelines. For this reason, I am hosting ceremony each day and inviting each of you to join in with that should you feel called. As I stated in an earlier offering, connecting to your primary ascension timelines and infusing it into the lines is something we each can do now. Many hearts make light work. (Building on this notion, I I held ceremony to continue this on Saturday. I will continue on with this - keep an eye on my facebook page IndiCrow Energetics for up to the minute event announcements. I also host an emailing list focused on the Rose Line, which you are more than welcome to join if you are connected to this work. Please contact me directly at and tell me a bit about yourself/request to join.)

My contributions to this work on the Rose Line continued yesterday with my second and third ceremonies being called to shift our trajectory. We are ready to release the pain and fear of the line. I am tasked with helping secure new sparkle power to our line! Let me tell you - the work we have been doing is having an impact and coming together with student and friend Kalia Diya @shamanicnatureconnections at New Earth Wands was one of the nicest afternoons I have had in this life. You might say it was pure magick!!!!

The energy of the gateway was palpable and allowed for beautiful work. The lightcodes were amazing and we are excited to share with you the joy of teamwork and fun. No longer are we alone and hunted. The Rose Line celebrates play once again!! As we were moving through our ceremony, we got the distinct message to take pictures, to have fun, and to share with all of you the magic of this day. We share these images in love and peace. To inspire and encourage. To let you know that we are definitely not alone. We got this - all of us - together.

There are summaries at the top of most images so you can check each of them out for yourselves. As we understand, the codes that you see will help activate you to the higher vibrational lines and also clear some of the obstructions that are still sticking on there. There are images of galactic team, sacred wand using, code clearing and rewriting, astral beings, and amazing sun and light beams. They wanted us and all of you to know they are here, loving and supporting us as we do this good work.

Please continue on with the releasing and connection work I talked about in my other posts. We are still working this through and our success is up to all of you (us).

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow IndiCrow Energetics and Kalia Diya

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