I excitedly write this to you at the conclusion of an etheric session where many of us gathered together. What occurred in that session is important enough that I cement the contact down here with you.

For the last few months, we have been making major headway and adjustments in our work. We can feel it, and we know it. Some of you may also sense, however, that there are kinks in our line where we are being held in inefficient patterns and loops. I have recently been made aware of a piece of technology that is placed upon our energetic resonancy. This is living through implants existing within some of us, as well as some that are affecting the group. I am being shown that it is very possible for us to move this, and that it will be incredibly effective if we co-ordinate as a group.

In the etheric session, I gathered our collective and guided us to shift through some major embodiment kinks related to what is being expressed in the lines. I invited members to secure primary ascension timeline energies to our collective mission. This message is important enough that I am being guided to shift our connection on Saturday to create space for us to do this work. While I will still most definitely be providing updates and speaking to the themes addressed in the other part of the event description (below), the 'working group' aspect of this will be taking an important role.

Brothers and sisters, know that we are having a very big shift at this moment and all hearts on deck who are involved in the Rose missions and line in any way are invited to join in. Taking the time to secure high vibrational energy into our collective mission timeline and to release any remaining implants/shackles/connections to obstruction storylines is incredibly important.

To anyone who is reading this connecting in - please begin this activity now. Anchor in high vibrational energy as many times as possible in the coming days. This is going to take the larger team and so as many of us who can get onto even these two tasks, the better!!

To those who are interested in joining a group of us to participate in a working group mirroring that which I led in the astrals, we will be gathering on Saturday for my Wayshower Session. If you are interested in learning more about that, please see this link:

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#Magdalene #Christ

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