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The upcoming next few months are being widely regarded as moments where we here on earth will be able to utilize increased flows of energy to support our own (and collective) ascension. As I write, we sit between two eclipses and are in a vibrational increase whirlwind. We understand that these flows are significant, but some of us are left wondering about what we can ‘do’ with them, and in some cases how we can even connect to them in the first place. In this offering, I share some insight on one of my very favourite forms of energy connection that you can add to your tool kit: Ascension ceremony!

Ceremony is a long-standing part of personal spiritual practice, community maintenance, and energetic earth grid calibration that many of us have participated in during one life-time or another. An enormous category of engagement, there are many different types of ceremony performed for just about every purpose you can imagine. They are used to bring about rain, sun, fertility, to pay honour; to infuse, to ensure harvest, and to power relics among many other things. In the case of ascension energy related and grid calibration ceremonies, many lightworkers have been using variations of this practice to harness energy into the grids in internationally (and inter-galactically) coordinated effort. In recent memory, they have been happening on specific dates such as Equinox (September and March), Solstice (June and December), Lion’s Gate, and our most recent 11:11, 12:12; and eclipses. I have shared these alignments with many of you in my own public ceremony series that we have been running since the eclipse bookends of February 2017. Coming together in unified intent is important, and I have done what I can to share information on alignments and how to use them. This series is another step in that process!

We have hit a milestone!

We have hit a notable place in our ascension journeys where energy alignments to be connected to and harnessed in ascension related ceremonies are not as fixed to dates as has been the recent case. Though dates and windows for alignments do remain important to site maintenance (for example, working at a site specifically designed to harness celestial energies based on alignments like solstice is still important), the name of the game with ceremony these days is to connect in when your heart calls you to. As I understand it, the energy that we are working through in our personal and service work will remain patterned to some extent. For example, astrology and understanding our relationship to planetary and star-form consciousness remains important. Dynamic and interrelated factors such as planetary lightwork progression, alignments, and exposure to celestial and galactic bodies will bring about ‘themes’ for observation and transition to be infused and experienced by the ever-growing awakened masses. From a lightworking perspective, what matters more now than ever is aligning yourself to your mission, connecting to wherever you are with an open heart, and living in your flow. While it is important to remain abreast of what is going on celestially and galactically and with various strains of lightwork, aligning to the requirements of your personal mission are important.

Lightworkers, when you are in alignment you will almost always be guided to the right place at a good time. Refining your ability to hear land/energy, raising your vibration, and forming a deep connection with source are important tools that will keep you in alignment.

What is an ascension ceremony for?

A ceremony can be used to harness your intention and focus and applying it to bring about an experience such as energy clearing, growth, or securing safe/efficient passage through seasons. In the case of an ascension ceremony, we are harnessing the energy of alignments to bring about vibrational change within ourselves and anchoring them very specifically into the earth. We can magnify the impact of our practice by connecting to other people, who can be at the same place or dispersed all over the world. This can include collaboration with elementals, elements, animals, members of our etheric team, Gaia, and various Galactic beings. Who we work with, why, and when is largely determined by our souls’ journey, our heart, and our positioning. Teamwork will become increasingly important and finding your tribe to connect and collaborate with is a prominent theme for 2018-2020.

When do we do ascension ceremony?

One does not have to wait for a specific date to harness the power of intention and energy we use in ceremony. Rather, it can be done at any time that you feel like you would like to make a dedicated effort to yourself, Gaia, and whatever it is you are working with. It happens when the birds are calling your name, your team is ready, and the alignments of the moment are just right! As a gatekeeper traveling large territories, this is a primary method that I use; traveling when the energy is right and working as one with the region to position myself in the right place at advantageous times. I call these moments ‘spontaneous ceremony’ and have been sharing examples of this type of mission in recent postings: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/single-post/2018/02/10/Following-Your-Heart-on-Mission

Though I address those who identify as gatekeepers and gridworkers here specifically, they are not the only ones who are able to do this- ascension ceremonies are for all people. Powering up the New Earth and auxiliary grids, continuing to raise the frequency of our selves and all of this planet (and the connection points to it) will create space for fluid transitions. Understanding and learning to contribute to the grid network is an important task that awakened humans are being called to do. I created a small handbook called ‘Connecting In’ that will help you understand more about what the grids are, what they do, and how you can anchor in wherever you are too! You can access it here: https://www.indicrowacademy.love/

As noted, dates and alignment waves are going to remain useful touchstone points for us to understand, work through, and coordinate energies. This is especially the case for those of us working on sites who require calibration to specific celestial bodies as is the case with many rivers, mountains, sites, and souls. As I have been experiencing in teaching, teamwork, and practice, one is able to access and work with the energies of these alignments weeks (and sometimes months) before they are fully clicked in. The degree of mastery, height of vibration, and skill set of the ceremony creator come into effect then. This may also be the case for large-scale coordinated effort, which will become increasingly important.

Next up: The way we align with ceremony is changing

So what do we think about when we imagine what it means to do ceremony? The word often brings forth imagery of capes and robes, hard and fast rules to follow and not a lot of fun. While you are most certainly free to wear capes and follow rules of practice, outside of a few general guidelines (which I will address in another part of this series) this is a beautiful creative process that is up to you! Understanding who you are, knowing what you can contribute in that moment, and holding space from a high vibrational and heart-centered space are the most important things that you can do!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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