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Following Your Heart on Mission

My service requires a lot of travel and connection in places where I have not yet been in this life. I often times only have a day or two in one place before it is time to move on to the next. It is my 'job' to figure out where alignments need to happen and/or where we have stored energy and information on grids that I am meant to activate or draw out. So how is it that I know where to go when I get to these places?

My answer?

I follow my heart..

Yesterday, I was out activating and stabilizing with a dear friend, Jennifer Peters, in some communities outside of Vancouver. Our adventure took us to a little town that neither of us knew whose name I had heard in my dreams. As we entered the area, we could feel my team kicking in astrally. We connected in, aligned our mission, and let them team guide us to where our connection spot was to be. As we drove, Jenn got a strong message to turn left. In we went to a beautiful park. We stopped the car and got out.

As we got out of the car, I connected to Gaia and my team, asking for the guidance to be brought where I needed. I opened my heart, trusted love, and let my surroundings speak. I looked up and saw many crows who had begun flying into our path, cawing at us from trees to 'follow them'. We did so. As Jenn explored the path, I took a moment alone and surveyed the land around us. At the suggestion of the crows, I looked to my left. What did I see? A little alcove of trees with a clearing in the middle of them.

Connecting in, I felt that this was a safe space to be, so I approached it. As I entered into the clearing, I came upon the most beautiful scene. A heart shaped activation throne and an arrow with a k depicting where I was to stand for ceremony (pictured below). I connected in to that space, the water and land around it, and did what I had been called there to do.


As we walked out, the crows flew with us, moving from tree to tree. Some even showed off their fancy flying skills, doing dives and swirls directly in front of us.

Leaving, we offered our thanks and continued on our way.

Amazing things happen if you let them. These types of moments are available to all of us if we slow down, open our hearts, and let ourselves be guided by and to love. In those moments, you will always be exactly where you need to be and able to do precisely what is needed. That is the power of love.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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