Yesterday, I made a posting on my FB page where I excitedly shared that a lot of people had gotten activated/awakened throughout the Olympic Opening Ceremony or as a result the symbolism and lightcodes that were embedded (but also transmitted through the veil) at that time. Many friends and people connected to me through digital channels chimed in to say that they were experiencing similar messages and that they could feel the collective awakening too. (YAY!!) I had long been suspecting that an awakening event of sorts would be associated with the Opening Ceremonies. I am grateful that it turned out to be something as beautiful and light filled as this!

From what I understand, the high powered frequency increases we are experiencing each day (and will continue to) have made the communication and transmission of the codes more easily possible. As it feels now, the continuing increases will lead us to some form of pinnacle moment that seems to be around-ish to the eclipse. (As I write that, I am receiving even more information through my upper register of chakras saying yes, this is the case) Does this mean we are in alignment for the event? I am not quite sure, but I do know that it feels like we are at another turning point moment that is exciting and pure.

As I understand it, continued connection to pouring in as much high vibe/love based/ascension energy into ourselves and the grids is important right now. The name of the game is to raise the vibration of earth, and to invite in/infuse that which is pouring in from our galactic alignments and friends into the gridsystem at any chance we can. High vibrational environments create space for easier and more direct light code activations which is in part what happened with the symbolism and messaging of the opening ceremonies. Please check my free gridworking guide 'Connecting In' for exercises on how to do this if you do not know how. The first one will suffiice! You can get it at

Self work remains important! The higher that we can raise our own vibrations, the more capacity we have to act as pillars of light. I am finding that each day continues to bring with it the chance to continue to re-write your energy body and to call in the alignments and next steps (more information on this is in my recent full moon/eclipse ceremony video: I highly recommend you remember to do this too!

I am off to go do some lightwork with the grids. See you out there!!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

For those wondering, I have returned to working with private clients again after my most recent stint on the road. If you have been wanting to book in, I am ready! This is a list of my current services:

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