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It's A Great Day For Stabilization!

Hi friends,

I am out on the road this weekend doing stabilization and Lemurian work through the mountain pass between Calgary and Vancouver. I was so surprised to be called back to the road less than 3 weeks after getting home...there may have even been a few tired tears. Nevertheless, I knew it had to be important ad so here I am. Service life has lots of surprises 😊. Personal comfort is not always what comes first 😘.

The earth grids are a bit shaky as we move through transition. Please take some time to anchor in love. We are in the middle of an energetic slingshot and many hearts make light work. Planting intentions for the higuest good of all, peace, and love at this time of Imbolc would also be effective. We reap what we sew, so let us grow love.

If you are looking for tips on how to anchor and why it helps, see my mini handbook called 'Connecting In' that describes the process. It can be found under 'free ascension material' on www.indicrowacademy.love.

Back to It, I go.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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