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IMBOLC: On The Road (Again) to Call In the New

Greetings, friends!

Happy Imbolc, Blessed Day of Brigid in some traditions, and the purification of Mother Mary in others. To me, both symbols represent fertility, growth, seeds for awakening, and Divine Femininity (in us all). I have worked closely with their energy most recently on my journey through Ireland, England, and France. It is a great honour to continue on with my service work on this day back through to Vancouver. There is much to be done

I am excited for these moments because in them, one gets the sense that we are in a void of creation; a beautiful gestation space where so much is being seeded for future months. As I spoke about in my eclipse video, this is an incredible time to plant intentions, begin projects, and make forward movement on things that are important to you. As within, so without; the choices you make now very much affect not only your trajectory, but also that of the planet. We are moving through more of bifurcation right now and what we do counts.

On that note, we are having some skyrocketing vibrational shifts at this moment. There is a powerful transformative capacity to it, and I highly recommend that you call it in and bathe in its light as many times a day as possible. Energetic health is a must right now. Clearing, aligning, connecting, and calling in new timelines are all tasks that you can do. I have made videos about calling in new timelines, dna aligning, and also offered tips on how to do this in the eclipse session. I invite you to check those out if they are of interest to you. Many of them are in playlists at www.indicrowacademy.love.

For those who are gridworking, I give the call to please connect in as much as you can and stabilize/energize/whatever it is that you do with the grids. We have a big few days ahead of us of fastening, loosening, and aligning. We are in the midst of a pretty huge transition and it is important to do all that you can in the now. Self care remains important. Take time to drink water, sleep if the frequencies allow you, and spend time with Gaia. She will help you as you support her.

I leave you with these photos from earlier this week. The snow wonderland is Lake Louise from Sunday. I went with Kalia (New Earth Wands/Shamanic Connection) on a powerful and beautiful stabilization trip. The other is a sign from my team printed on an archway that I crossed under the moment I connected in for Eclipse service on the 30.

As the sign says, "We Got This!!"

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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