• Katie IndiCrow

Full Moon/Eclipse Open Ceremony

One of my acts of service to our community has been to host open access ceremony and information sessions to seekers as we move through various transition points in our ascension journey! Together we have gathered for Lion's Gate, through last year's eclipse season, and through the Christed activation gateways of 11/11 and 12/12. Continuing on in this tradition, I am pleased to invite you to join me for this full moon/lunar eclipse ceremony and alignment tips session happening on Tuesday, January 30 at 3 PM MST. See FB listing here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1051784051628628/ As I have been detailing in my 'purge' series and recent ascension updates. this moon is creating space for great release. Importantly, there are also beautiful connection points to high vibrational experiences that your actions all along have helped create space for. This session and ceremony focuses on aligning with the eclipse energy, finalizing this phase of the purge, and activating into the high vibe connection points of the new experiences your transition has created space for. In it, I will give energy updates, do some energy alignment techniques, and offer you practical tools to incorporate into your own solar eclipse experience! Though I am not charging entry to this event, I would gratefully receive donations for participating in it. I have been called to make a journey through the Rocky mountains and in through Vancouver straight after the Eclipse to support stabilization. Funds gathered here will go directly to financing that trip. Suggested donation is $22 CAD, and can be made topaypal.me/KatieIndiCrow or indicrowenergetics@gmail.com. My costs are an estimated $300 CAD and so that is my fundraising goal. TO REGISTER: Please email indicrowinfo@gmail.com. Registration closes at 9 am MST, January 30. Participants will receive further live call information once they have registered. I will post a recording of the session for all on my youtube channel andindicrowenergetics.com site.

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