Purge Preparation and Assistance

Beautiful friends,

I can feel a major purge in the process of coming in. Bow has communicated with me that it is important to clear and prepare her and I have spent much time this last week connecting in and doing just that. The sites in my region are calling me, and I get the sense that they will be working hard very soon. All feeling called are invited to support the clearing and aligning process. After all, many hearts make light work.

As I write this, Magpie sits outside of my window telling me that the theme of purge extends much beyond my immediate region. We are preparing for some pretty extensive release that will accompany end of January's lunar eclipse/full moon (and leading in to it). It feels important to prepare ourselves, to prepare the grids, and to support the transition of energy through Gaia and her children as best we can. What we leave unchecked, she will balance.

So how do we support each other and Gaia in these purge moments?

First and foremost, we do the inner cleansing work on ourselves that is ready. Timeline release and adjustment, soul work, and being REAL with ourselves as we align into our higher vibrations is an important part. I have made videos about dna cleansing, timeline adjustment, and several other aspects of this process which you are invited to review.

Another way we can do this is taking care of our clearing spaces, as I have shared material in "Connecting In". We can also anchor in stabilizing energy and/or power up the New Earth Grids!

For those who work directly with Mother/Father - asking her where she needs your assistance is a beautiful and supportive step to take.

There is much you can do and these are but a few suggestions of the huge range of action that any and all of us can take.

More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#eclipse #grids

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