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Ascension Update

Greetings, beautiful friends!

I write this update with a full heart and a confetti can of sparkles ready to burst directly out of my chest. The last few days have been transitory. Many people have been awake for the better part of the last 3 nights, with lots of dreamtime activity when there is sleep. For all whom I have encountered, it is a blissfull awakeness filled with chances to grow, change, expand, and create. During these sleep and awake times, many are being tested/initiated into their next level of vibrational awareness. Anything less than pure love and an open heart means another spin.

From a planetary and gridwork perspective, I have been involved with laying in creation lines and activating the connection points that I spent the last few years (and many lifetimes) creating. Excitingly, we have moved into major construction and integration territory and there has been fortification of the crystalline structure and intensified creation of major pillars of light that act as intersection, amalgamation, and communication points. With each day that passes, more and more technology is waking up and being activated. It is a great joy to be sharing this work with lightworkers all over the world who have so diligently been putting in the work. To be granted the chance to connect in physical and astral space, and to be bring our work together as we are now is inspiring. Thank you to each and every one who is out there doing their best <3.

Energy wise, I have been laying in and integrating lines associated with divine feminine/masculine as well as Atlantean/Lemurian knowedges. It has been interesting bringing both through at the same time. Astrally my work has also included much 'pruning' of the transition tracks. Timelines that are no longer active or in play are being pulled away, and the trajectory of the next few months are falling into place. From where I stand, things are looking pretty great.

So what does this mean for you, us, and our personal practice?

For starters, any and all support powering up the grids is welcomed. Taking a few moments each day to anchor in light energy is something each of us has the capacity to do. Many hearts make light work - remember that your efforts and contributions do matter.

Energy wise, I get the sense that many are moving through closing out connections to their old timelines and releasing contracts and promises that are no longer in alignment. Client work has involved a lot of that. This makes sense because as the older and lower vibrational timelines drift away, those still connected will in some cases require an acknowledged and intentional 'break' from the influence of those trajectories. Soul work is important right now, as is using those wide awake hours for personal introspection and growth.

To my brothers and sisters who remain with me in deep service: Do not let up what you are doing. Keep on keeping on. We are doing fantastic work as a collective. We are beginning to see the implications of many lifetimes of work in the here and now, as is evidenced by the landings, acts of kindness, and awakenings that are happening all around us. I love that we are here together and am grateful for each of you and the us that we come together to form.

Today, I continue on in service.


More from me soon!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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