Introducing IndiCrow Academy

Greetings, friends!

It is with SO MUCH excitement and a bursting full heart that I introduce my new baby, IndiCrow Academy. The beginning of something beautiful, this is the website through which I am sharing information specifically about the educational programs and private training opportunities that I have on offer. Providing high quality, affordable, and easily accessible training is one of my top priorities. An offshoot of IndiCrow Energetics (which remains my primary venue through which you may access my writing, videos, and information about sessions), IndiCrow Academy is what comes next.

On the IndiCrow Academy page, you will find links to all my free materials including 'Connecting In' and ascension support playlists. You will also find links to information about training packages, study now options, and information about upcoming programming.

Check out my beautiful new website, today!!! And if you feel so called, get in touch to start your training now. I am heading back to Alberta to nest for a few months and am able to take on some private and intensive students. I also have some great 'study now' options such as SoulSpeak, Gridwork 1, and I AM that are ready to go!

Thank you for all the support and creating the space with me where this type of movement and growth is possible.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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