The testing period has come to its conclusion and I am pleased to announce the updated form and content of the Crow's Nest :)

Do you enjoy connecting with other energy workers? Do you like the open, loving feeling of my community calls? Are you interested in learning about different forms of personal development and service work? If so, I have a space for you <3

The Crow's Nest is a space that I have created to host in depth, heart based communication and information sharing for those on the ascension path. It is a private, members only forum hosted on my own personal webpage, IndiCrow Energetics. Membership is $77 for 1 month, $200 for 3.

What do you get when you join?: The primary focus of this group is engaged communication and community. As a result, I host 2 live community calls each month which run approx. 2 hours each. The form these calls take depends on current energy context and the skills/queries that members would like to learn more about. **** Each will include an energy update and skills training from me. There is also lots of space for discussion by you! (If you like my 'community calls' that I host on FB/zoom, these are similar but with more room for chatting.)****

- Energy updates created by me for this group only. This writing is more personal than what I have been releasing on my public pages, and is specifically tailored to support your transition and enjoyment of the month to month energy, opportunities, and alignments that are flowing in.

- Education materials: Each member gains access to instruction on tools and techniques for lightworking and personal development including gridworking, contact, and groupwork.

- Guest Speakers/Special topic Session: each month will have a special topic/guest speaker feature. The purpose of this is to help us broaden our horizons and learn more about specific topics and/or forms of lightwork. Members are encouraged to offer their expertise as 'host' to one of these sessions and/or to request that one be organized around a theme of interest. The form and content here is wide open, and is geared to support opening our hearts and minds to new and different things. These sessions will run about an hour. Sometimes they too will be live calls, other times recorded, and on occasion will be my most recent Wayshower call. The energy of the moments determine the form/content of these sessions. The point here is to keep pumping in new and high vibe information.

* Miss a call? No problem. The calls for each month will be recorded and posted for all members to review. Once the month is over, the recordings will be removed and replaced with fresh ones! Question asking/theme suggestion is welcomed!!!*

So in total, you are getting access to 2 live community calls hosted by me, a guest speaker/special topic session, access to a private discussion forum, and a series of skillsets organized for you!

Sounds great, right?

To register, contact me at or Our next live session is December 28! We would love to have you there.

Contact me directly to join today :). We have our next live call happening on the 28!

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