• Katie IndiCrow

Today, I Connect to Love

You can use affirmations as a way to connect to 5d+ reality as you transition through your shift. Purposely placing connections to and inviting in these new realities are two great ways to facilitate and enjoy your transition into ever higher vibrational experience.

I start every day out with light and love affirmations to help ensure I'm connecting to the vibrations I wish to experience and share. Here are some of the affirmations that I use as an example of how this works:

Today, I connect to love. Today, I connect to my light. Today, I experience joy, peace, and harmony. Today, I share my love and light with the world.

I AM love I AM light I AM balanced harmonics (which is basically, balanced and clear energy) I AM joy I AM enough I AM expressing my soul's path and serving my purpose on earth

I use mine as soon as I wake up and throughout the day when necessary. If I feel myself shifting vibration, I use these phrases to help me connect to the love I wish to experience and share. As you can see, this is super simple.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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