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Greetings, friends and be-ings of the light,

As some of you may have noticed, I have gone quiet again this week. When this happens, as I have explained before, it is often because a) I am undergoing an energy upgrade or b) I am engaged fully in service work. As in most cases, the upgrades must come before the new phases of work and so for me this week has seen a bit of both. I like to be quiet during moments of transition, and to allow myself the space to feel and learn before I speak.

In the course of this week, the 'bandwidth' of frequencies coming into the earth grids has consistently increased steadily. I am in the process of anchoring in some incredibly high powered galactic frequency into the gridsystem....and I am not the only one <3. Each time any person calls in energy to anchor, especially if they are doing their own personal energy transition work through daily practice, they are able to hold a higher frequency. That's right. You are very much a part of what is going on in your own way, and that is very exciting. Those with more refined energy bodies are able to tune in high frequency, and some be-ings on this earth are bringing in planetary and galactic connection that far extends that which has been able to be brought down to earth for millenia.

As for general reflections, I have not felt the depth and breadth of energy that is being expressed into the earth right now possibly in any form of a human body. This is pretty magnificent. Some of you are likely feeling the waves being anchored in by yourselves and others, as well as the result of transitions in the tech of the gridsystem. As I write this update for you, it feels like something so huge is about to come through that I do not actually know how to describe it. There is a BIG waft of energy pooling and being ready to be brought through. This feels like a slingshot sort of acceleration.

In terms of personal care: Earlier this week I shared an article containing 3 videos that I made to support your understanding about the mechanics of this process. These were about timeline transitions, upgrading, and created to help you understand what the racing thoughts, weird feelings, and repeating situations that come in moments of rapid adjustments. Listen to your body, your heart, and your soul and do what you need to do to take care of yourself. If you need to sleep, do it. Fun with friends? Absolutely. Changing something about your cycle or personal patterns to better suit who you are now? This is all part of it.

In terms of service: All who are able are invited to connect in to the grids and to anchor in pure Christ light (as described in exercise 3.1/3.2/3.3 in 'Connecting In': https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7MIabniR2_LZUlCVWoxTEVnem8/view. You can add to this practice by connecting to your oversoul and intending to bring in the highest possible vibration of energy that you are able into the gridpoints.

For now, I am going to continue on with my work. I will get back to making videos and sharing more detailed updates when it makes sense to. I think for now it is important for me to focus on be-ing, and I encourage each of you to do the same <3.

Here is a photo with a dear tree friend and Master with whom I visited and worked in Ireland this week. Human bodes are not the only ones who are great at calling in these galactic frequencies. Remember to give love to those who love you.

More from me soon.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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