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Energy Upgrade Tips

Greetings beautiful friends,

As we move into our first full week of transition associated with our next series of waves/energy transitions, many are feeling the shift. This can translate into having a wide variety of emotions, returning to behaviours and patterns that need to be rethought and rewired, changes in your physical needs (such as needing more or less sleep or differential food intake, depending on phase). This is because adjustments in lightwork and raising of the galactic frequencies have created another moment where many are going through CHOICE POINT/REVIEW phases, DNA upgrades, and


I have compiled a series of videos that I created over the past year which contain further explanations about how to understand and move through these transitions with mastery, which I feel prudent to share with you now. These videos are here to help you understand and then move through these gorgeous opportunities for change and the tools shared in them can be used through the various waves of transition that we will continue to ride as ascension ramps up.


In terms of choice point/the review, these are moments when we are given the chance to revisit certain

patterns, ways of being, or cycles that we had been enveloped in. It is a chance to shift the trajectory of our energy experience and to release that which no longer serves us. You hear people keep saying that ascension is based on free will? This is one of the major facets of that.


Closely related to choice points and energy fluctuations, timeline transitions relate to the ways we are able to connect to (or release) certain trajectories of action based on the choices we are making (which fuels into our capacity of creators).


Another closely related topic, DNA upgrades often come in when we have completed personal initiations, and/or as various types of gateways and galactic frequencies become available to us.

As so many of you are now experiencing, ascension does take embodied, empowered participation on our end to support the movement through these magnificent (but intense) energy corridors. I hope that the advice contained in these videos is of use to those of you working on connecting to this process to understand it and have fun!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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