• Katie IndiCrow

Hill of Tara

There are some places in the world that hold a special place in my heart. Hill of Tara in Ireland is one of them. Long abused by Practitioners not honouring the light, this power point required some special attention to be regenerated and aligned.

After many months of work with the site, Julie and I went back up today. Connecting Tara back to the other sites she works with and honouring the true purpose for which she was built were key tasks we participated in today. The crystal vortexes are now spinning, the purification filters working to change the structure of the energy here (and beyond), and things are coming back online and lightening up significantly

Continuing on from the post I shared yesterday, the new technology is online. It is something very special to use.

We look forward to many more visits to the Hill, and sharing more about what she is truly meant to be.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow (with Julie Lambe)

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