Gateway Open: Update and an Invitation to Join In

GATEWAY OPENING :) An Invitation to Join in the Fun

Dear friends,

I am writing on a 'break' from embodying the incoming energies into the gridsystem of Gaia and the structure that was known as planet earth.

I am in Ireland with dear friend and teammate, Julie Lambe, with whom I have had the pleasure of cooperation for many lifetimes. We are working together, today.

The gridsystem contains various sites that have the ability to do different sorts of jobs. Some overlap, some do not. Today, significantly, a number of the sites that have the ability to be energy conduits/magnifiers have turned back on. In addition, some of the crystal vortex filtration devices have been turned back on.

At approx. 10-12 am, we were called into service with a major influx of energy. It brought us to a series of local sites that we hold near and dear. We connected into these sites, some of which hold this filtration and/or magnification purpose. We supported the continued powering up of these sites and saw them turn back on in a 'new' way.

For the next hour, we both experienced strong energy grounding experiences. I got the sense that we were anchoring in the energy/knowledge from various systems, including my own. I felt that a lot of new technology, but also a lot more vibrant and pure loving energy was coming in. Julie agreed.

Working together, the new technologies mixed with the influx of galactic energy began to energetically restructure the sites and other power points essential for various functions of the grid system. This created the space for a vortex sucking type of action, which began to clear out the sites using star power and love. It was amazing to be a part of, and one of the most excellent embodiment experiences I (and she) have ever had.

From what I understand, dear friends, this action is not only happening here. It is widespread, and I can feel the connection points lighting up in various places from people doing the work. This is a very good thing, dear friends, and I am SO excited for all of us. For this.

This marks the beginning of a seven week passage, my friends. Movements like this cause pretty significant adjustment, within and without. Do your personal work and allow the timelines to strip away/create new ones in alignment with your highest good. Allow yourself to change and grow, and know that this is indeed part of ascension.

For those ready to participate in other ways, I encourage you to participate in your lightwork missions, whatever they may be. The restructuring is allowing for rapid resolution, and it is a very good time to finish and start things. You may also contribute by anchoring in light energy, as I have been instructing you to for the last year. I highly recommend the exercises in the back of 'Connecting In"

For those who hare available, today is significant. We would benefit greatly from any of you being able to join us in the anchoring process whenever you can. If you are more of an audio person than for writing, feel free to check out my most recent video explaining the significance of this period . The last 30-40 minutes is good food for thought and contains practical tools.

Out to continue on we go!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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