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French LightWork Update (in English:P )

update: What I am Doing in France

Greetings friends of light and love!

I haven't been releasing much about the work I have been doing since arriving in France because it includes a lot of intense space holding and almost around the clock effort. There have been some instagram posts and videos, my 11/11 -12/12 update video, and that is about it. I find it hard to shoot videos when involved in intensity, and have been coordinating heavily with team members around the world who are part of this work. We are hauling hearts and butts and it is an incredibly joy but huge effort to make this happen. I am grateful to the teams I get to work with, and respect those of you who are somehow able to make this happen while also holding down non-energy related jobs and/or caring for family members as all this goes on. You are amazing and I love you very much.

A big part of what I have come here to do is anchor the energy of the Emerald Ray which is reactivated since Ireland, connecting and reviving energies left (and protected) in the gridlines of these soils by those honouring and carrying codes of beings like Mother Mary (whose Basilica I visited and worked strongly with in in Lyon), Mary Magdalene (whose remains I visit in coming days), and those who have died for their beliefs like St. Reparata (the venerated Saint of Nice). This has meant that I spend a lot of time in Basilicas, but also walking along waterways and following the travel lines that many of the brothers and sisters who have worked to preserve the energies being restored now have walked. In the lines of these cities, the bodies of the relics, and the symbolism of the stories lies such strong dedication to truth, freedom, and love. It is beautiful.

A lot has happened here in France, and delightfully that history is honoured. It is such a joy to visit places where the souls who have held these vibrations celebrated with Basilicas, festivals, and love on a regular basis. The people have not forgotten, and it feels good to know that. Each town I have visited is a stronghold of divine feminine energy, and they remain so in part by these efforts. Did you know that Mother Mary is the patron saint of Lyon, and is thought to have rescued the town from the Bubonick plague and that an entire festival is dedicated to her in December of each year? Or that Saint Reparata, a young girl so strong in her faith that she refused to bow to the Roman Empire survived three execution attempts including being ‘magically’ rained on during a burning could only be killed by the crude method of beheading? Or what about the actual skull and tibia of Mary Magdalene being kept in a Basilica in Marseilles? I thank all of those who have kept these stories alive, and honour the ones who have guarded them over time.

As a bit of a 'finisher', I have the ability to conflate many tasks at once, and it is clear that the land and grids here in France are ready. In one moment I am removing obstructing lines, in another activating and attaching the crystalline grids. I clear out lost souls, contribute to ending stories of great pain and control, and help create space for the new alignments which we are creating in the n-o-w. When I visit these towns, a main task that I have been doing is taking all the star codes collected by myself and my star tribes in this and other lives and anchoring them in space. Not to mention all the love laid in my the countless pilgrims who have made the journeys to honour the remains and the relics I visit. You have heard me speak about returning knowledge to the grids – staying here and holding space is part of that. Typically a ‘mover’ I have found myself still and quiet for more periods of days than I am used to. It feels weird to stay so still in such beautiful places, especially being the physical activity loving person I am. This action allows me to ground in crystalline connection points of all the work that so many of us have been doing through my physical being. It is such an honour to do this, and I thank everyone in all times and spaces who have contributed to what is happening now.

I am not the only one working on stories like this, and am aware of work being done in Spain, Rome, Ireland and the UK to break up some very ancient stuff. This of course connects to work being done in North America but that is perhaps for a post another time. (I know there is much more going on than this and can feel it out there, but am connected most strongly in these countries/stories to which I refer. Always happy to meet more and more lightworkers in other places/lines. I honour you, too.) Suffice it to say, there are a lot of lightworkers laying their hearts and full effort out for this planet each day (and night). In the astrals, the release of this and so much of the other work being done is creating major ripple effects coinciding with (and creating space for) major timeline transitions. There is dimensional transport, ship movements, and full on infiltration attempts geared to bring us to fear and to a grinding halt. Many of you are becoming more aware of your roles in dreamwork, and are finding yourselves waking up throughout the night and into the morning knowing that you are doing heavy work. Thank you for your efforts – they matter. The ships are coming in more and more frequently to support us, and many of us have been seeing them/working on this along with all the other bits and bobs <3

Photo wise, I have not shared much. This is because I do not like to take pictures when I am in Churches, or experiencing my most intense connections to energy like what I have been working with here. To me, the act of taking out a camera in a place of worship and/or death feels weird, almost disrespectful to the acts I am called to do. I do not think I even took one photo in Lyon but let me tell you, being in the Basilica of Mother Mary and getting to work with and near the Madonna statue that called me to that place was bar none one of the most incredible and moving moments of my entire life. Sobbing uncontrollably the ENTIRE TIME, I felt her in a way that I never have. Any video would have involved a lot of nose wiping, sniveling, and heavy sobbing so I thought nah, I will just tell them the story :P

Here are a few pictures and videos taken along the way, offered to you in peace and love.

Thank you to all who support this work, in all the multiple ways that you do. Cooperation, loving emails, homes, meals, donations, support, connecting in on the grids and in the astrals. Everything that you are doing makes a difference and all acts of love count.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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