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Pure Devotion, Blessed Are the Children

The kids know what's up, friends. The ones who are involved in space mission are working HARD in the astrals. I know because I see them up there with me, and they are HAULING their sweet little hearts to help this world. I do not share about this much but I think it is time to say - the NEW LIGHT CREW (that's what I call kids crew) is up, active, and doing a lot to support this transition. I work with several of them down here as well as up there, and it is such a great joy to finally begin sharing about the magnitude of their contribution to what we are doing. They are amazing, and it is an honour to get to work alongside them. Up there , we are equals. I look forward to the day more adults recognize them as such down here.

Lots of stuff going on in dream time. If they're having a hard time sleeping, it may be because they know what is going on. We have been adjusting and jumping vibrational realities and there is some w-e-i-r-d stuff going on.

If your loves are having a rough time, I invite you to help them set the vibrational space of their room with tools such as crystals, unicorns, angels and/or dragons. When they wake up during these times and need love, I strongly recommend to give it. If what I am dealing with is any indication (and it is, because often they are there), it just isn't nice. Remember that they have no filter, that they are aware, and that some of them view themselves as your protecters. Get yourselves as high vibe as you can, allow lots of conversation about what goes on at night, and if they're doing dream work, start talking about it. Ask them what makes them feel safe, and start building family love rituals from there. It is important to recognize their needs, to identify their power, and to build with them into a space of open and caring sharing.

I love you, I love them.

This song made me think of them and inspired this post <3

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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