When We Sleep: Bifurcation and Dream Work

As many of us know, when we sleep, we grow. We work, we learn, we adjust, and we adapt. We have choices to make. In the case of our current bifurcation process, many of us also make transitions into other vibrational realities. In this video shot in London, I speak about what happens when we dream, and how what we do in our sleep state impacts our transition through bifurcation.

Part of the work that I do in the astrals during dream time is to support the transition of souls through portal points into the corridor they'll be activated through at key times. In this case, 11/11. As noted, the last several nights have been intense, with rapid movements and relocations for many. Have you been being pushed in your dreams into fear space, or have you noticed attempts to destabilize your love? My best advice, light friends, is to choose the highest possible vibrational reality you can in the face of these moments. Trust that nothing can touch you when you are there (that you don't want to).

Bifurcation wave prep continues, friends. I believe in you, and I believe in us.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow



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