11/11 Alignment Prep: Get Involved!

Happy Sunday, friends. Don't forget to participate in the unity meditations and/or to anchor in, today. We are in the full lead up to 11/11 and the energy of today is palpable. I have been releasing war, fear, and control timelines (amongst other things) most specifically these last 3 days. This is my contribution to the ongoing gatekeeping efforts to prepare for further strokes of bifurcation which are now imminent. Would you like to help us? Anchoring love and light into the primary ascension timelines, of yourselves and this planet, is a very doable activity from which we can all benefit.

If you are looking for a reminder on how to do a basic connection and/or why this matters and helps, please see my handbook "Connecting In". Today is a great day to be your first day at anchoring light or to advance into a more complex practice if you have been at this for a while. Collective effort makes a huge difference.

See you in the astrals :)

Katie IndiCrow


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