• Katie IndiCrow


In this video, I provide a detailed update on the current energy corridor within which we are enmeshed. The second of a three part cosmic trigger, November 11 stands as a poignant choice point day which bears great opportunity for further acceleration into personal and planetary ascension.

Samhain and into this moon, we feel a lot of space for completion. This can be personally, in terms of allowing ourselves to move to zero point in preparation for transition. In my own work, this has also been a great season for conclusion of that which many generations have worked tirelessly to contribute to. As I understand it, this type of completion is rippling out across the lightworkers network, which contributes to the further lifting of the veil. Importantly, it also means that many of the bits of information and technology created for these moments of ascension are being uncovered, powered, up, and returned.

Returning to the notion of the cosmic trigger: Equinox was huge. Bifurcation occurred, and energetically 11/11 is a moment where we can expect similar yet intensified transition. I explain the importance of daily practice, self preparation, and recommend further materials that you may connect to for the tools on how to do so.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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