• Katie IndiCrow

Honouring and Reconnecting with Ancestors

In this short clip taken in Conemara on the West Coast of Ireland, I share about why so many people like myself travel the land. As I summarize, the work that is being done today by gridworkers and lightworkers around the world is the culmination of great efforts laid down over many lifetimes by many, many lines. The souls of our ancestors call us to the places where they left DNA and lightcode 'maps' and information. As we consciously connect to these 'signals', we are able to reignite them to their previous power, reconnect, and reintegrate them today.

As I travel throughout Canada, Ireland, England, France (and who knows where else), I follow the path of my ancestors. Some of blood, some of star lineage. I am incredibly honoured to get the chance to complete the work so many lifetimes were given for. Ascension, these moments now, are ones we always knew would come and worked for relentlessly in the belief that one day we would be free again.

Well friends, those days are now.

We really did an amazing job. Thank you to all those who came before, with, and after me. I love you.

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