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Gatekeeping, aligning New Earth Crystals, and returning knowledge to the One

Greetings friends and lovers of the light,

We are in another acceleration (woo hoo) spurred on by the new moon. We had another opening from the 21-24 and a significant amount of ascension energy has been directed to this planet we call Earth. This means that many people are once again moving through timeline transitions and radical energy leaps as we continue on through bifurcation. I have made spoken extensively on how to connect to this process with mastery, and will link access to those resources at the end of this piece. What was said then is applicable now, and I feel strongly impassioned to share with you more about this process and how it’s all working! I like to tell stories and I think it is time to go deeper about this whole ascension thing, how it is happening, and just how special these moments we are experiencing are.

For this specific alignment series, I have been working around the clock, covering as much ground in as many dimensions as possible since last week. It has been a significant influx, and as I understand it the New Earth crystal system is beginning to be calibrated. I have been from Banff to Calgary across Canada and into Ireland. I will continue on through Europe as we move through the cosmic triggers of 11/11, 12/12 and more. This is a lot of ground to cover in a very small amount of time and necessarily so.

Several people have asked me what it means to power up crystals, and why I choose to go to the locations that I do. There are very many reasons, some about my own personal journey and others about what is being called in mission ascension alignments by those who are awake and doing work. One of my main tasks at the moment is to connect sites, deposit DNA codes, retrieve others, bring in lightcode through my body as a crystal, and hypercharge any place that I can with whatever I am strong and light enough to bring through me. You have heard me use words like ‘gatekeeper’ and ‘activator’. These tasks are highly variable and not reducible to what is said here. This is one small piece, specifically about charging. A big part of how this happens is a) I have upgraded my templates so that my body acts as a crystal which b) allows me to serve as a conduit for ascension energy which c) I then use to ‘charge up’ or bring information/energy into the places/people that I connect. As I explained in ‘Connecting In’, there are many purposes that a site can serve such as a ‘battery’, information holder, portal, and the list goes on. Knowing what to do involves a lot of trust, direct connection with my own intuition, and most likely also a little bit of luck.

Location wise, you will notice that I am often on the move for this work. The reason why I travel across large distances during alignments (which I almost always do), is to connect, clear, and align gridpoints, travel points, and power centers spanning incredible distances. This often means being honoured (and tasked) with taking all the strands of energy laid down in a place by the people, animals, elementals, and light beings who have traveled them before leaving ‘energy mail’ on the grid lines. If you can imagine, there have been beings walking and clearing and honouring sites and the gridsystem since it was built. After the great forgetting, this practice was lovingly (and often painstakingly) continued with different orders and energy communities holding their own piece to the puzzle of the knowledge of One. There have been many cycles of information and energy put into the system, and it is an honour to activate it, bring it together, and input it into the crystalline grid. When you hear people talking about returning knowledge to the one, and coming away from separation/archetypes of expression, this is one of the ways that it is happening. We are moving away from fragmented knowledge and that is a very big deal!

As some of you may be beginning to understand, this is incredibly skilled work that has taken lifetimes to perfect. I have had a consistent habit of being ‘too’ humble in that I say things like “this is easy” or I do not share about the sacrifice, training, and true grit that it takes to get to a point where this feels natural. I have been shown time and again that this minimalization is one of my energy kinks that must be worked out. So, awkward feeling and all, I am here and ready to share more honestly about what I do and how much effort this takes. It is not all about scenic views and trips, though they are often part of it 😊. What I am doing out here is something that I helped to design and create over many lifetimes in this and other planets. It is time that I take ownership of that and take another step into letting you see who my I AM truly is.

So how does a person learn to be a gatekeeper? Quite simply – you are chosen if/when you are ready and in alignment for that role. How do you get chosen? By practicing your own skills, and refining them ever more to the point where you have passed enough initiations that you are ready. We work our way into the roles that we play, and thank goodness for that! I find that people seem to want to rush into this not realizing that every single one of us builds our skills, and that we get to do that by popping around in and out of roles that best suit us, the collective of lightworkers, and most importantly mission ascension. We truly do operate based on what works best for the collective and in accordance with which tasks need to be done and who is ready. We change and rotate through these various positions, learning and growing as we go.

I have been contributing to the training of several gatekeepers to learn about these tasks, ideally connecting with and readying one at many of the major sites where I travel and/or places that I live. Those of you are feeling the call to learn more about gatekeeping and gridwork are invited to contact me about private training to do so. Introduction to gridwork is a great place to begin, and I have a class beginning on November 2. If you are more advanced level, I offer private tailored training and you are invited to contact me to see if we are in alignment for such a task. We need more people to be able to fill this role, and the more of you that can get connected the better. It is go time, friends, and more of us can feel it with each day that passes.

I leave you with a few snazzy pictures from the road this week 😊.

Three Rock in Ireland; A piece of a power generation and alignment station which I am aligning and turning back on.

Lake Minnewanka area with Laura, a local gridworker learning about gatekeeping. She brought me here so I could activate the crystal connection, which she is now going to focus on learning to work with and through.

Greeted by a rainbow moments after arriving in Ireland. Here, I am about to deliver codes to Hill of Tara with Julie, an Irish lightworker who is dedicated to managing this site. We met originally during her gridwork training. We are all too excited to be headed out on the road here in Ireland together!

And of course, the bifurcation q & a (exercises and description match the current energy moment and are well worth viewing if you have not: https://www.facebook.com/lightemissary1111/videos/1711763929131608/

Timeline adjusting 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdcSP97r6DM&t=480s

Timeline adjusting 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BeKrQEhRBM

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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