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Gridwork Training: Gateway and Ascension Focus

GRIDWORK TRAINING: Gateway and Ascension Focus

Did you read ‘Connecting In’ and have your interest peaqued? Have you been thinking you would like to learn more about gridworking? Are you hearing the call to participate more in the ascension process? If yes - I have new material, and I am ready to share it.

Several people have contacted me about being ready to begin (or further) gridwork training. I have decided to go for it, and open the invitation to you! Over the summer, I developed brand new components to this training program that are based very specifically on new knowledges about how to work with and coordinate ascension energies that have been brought into awareness again by wayshowers post-March Equinox. This is the best of the best informaiton that I have to offer, and I am excited to share it with those who are ready! (There is a ‘refresher’ option for past students – read to the end for that.)

This class will be happening throughout the upcoming alignments, and part of our group learning activity will be coordinated action and lots of direction on how to participate in these next waves!!! Basically, we are training through the waves. It does not get better than that. If I am traveling in your region, I will even meet you on the ground!

COST: $222 CAD

TOPICS INCLUDE: A detailed understanding of the earth’s grid systems, how they work, and how they are changing -specific instruction on how to connect with the grid systems, and to hear what is required to align, connect, and coordinate them -understanding what your mission is and how it connects to the types of gridwork you are drawn to doing -tools to help you ‘read’ and understand various sacred sites (and lots of information about how they work/connect/what they are here for) -how intentional gridwork activities are integral to ascension next steps (and how you can coordinate/participate in action in this and other dimensions)

DATE: Begins November 2 and runs for 6 weeks. Class material is released online through a forum, and you can get to it at your convenience. Keeping up with the weekly lesson is important to staying in the flow with the class discussion.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN GRIDWORK 1 with me: There are 3 new videos in this program. If you would like to upgrade, I will give you access to the new videos and a private call for q and a for $111 CAD.

Spaces limited. To register, contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com. Payment plans are accepted if we are aligned. I know that this is late notice and I am happy to meet you in the middle if your heart and pure intention is there.

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