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Introducing the Crow's Nest!

Introducing THE CROW’S NEST!!!

Over the past few months, the idea to begin hosting a private members forum has been bubbling around in my heart. It has become clear to me that I am meant to continue providing dynamic information and support to seekers as more and more people wake up, others step into their I AM presence. As creation would have it the CROW’S NEST is the hub from which I am going to continue doing that!

General membership is $77 CAD per month, and is based around access to various materials and ongoing communication with me and others on this path! Each month, a new ‘topic’ and lesson module will be introduced through a 60-minute talk delivered by me especially to you. This will be directly related to what we are experiencing together as part of ascension, and will reflect the interests of the group as it forms. Within that talk, I will highlight the general theme we are exploring and offer you tools to work through it. Throughout the month, I will be in regular dialogue with you, providing exclusive updates and adding new exercises and tools. The first month we are focusing on "Bifurcation and Beyond: Connecting to 5d+ realities' and it is designed specifically with the purpose of supporting people to understand and have fun with the current MAJOR energy transitions and timeline shifts which are occurring.

When you sign up, you immediately gain access to: Community Call “Equinox and What Comes Next”, Wayshower Series: “Lightwork Everywhere”, and access to information on how your 5d+ energy system works. This includes information on how to connect to your oversoul, how to integrate incoming lightcodes, and tips on DNA mastery. Taken together, this series offers a little power point trajectory from which you can launch yourself into connecting to and understanding the ascension process, how to get yourself through it, and if you're ready - how to begin calling in your missions!

I am able to begin hosting NOW, with the first formal ‘month’ of material set to be released October 17. The next will occur immediately after 11/11, and the third will be created in alignment for 12/23. (Our direction after that TBA.) You are able to join in after that, so if you need a few weeks do not worry! Members are welcome to enroll at any time. I feel it is important to start this NOW.

You may register for 1 month, each month at $77 CAD per month or 3 months for $200. Contact me at katieindicrow@gmail.com for more information or to receive sign up instructions!

I am excited about this! JOIN ME :)

(painting entitled, 'Crow's Nest', created by Marc Alexander from his 'The Secret Forest Series', available online)

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