Getting Through Ascension Energy Transitions: How To’s and What’s Happening!

Greetings, friends!

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the great state of transition so many people are in right now. The Lion’s Gate, Equinox, and Bifurcation have created space for many to be step into another phase of review and adjustment. This can include going into dark night of the soul (or as I call it, an illumination phase), major life and timeline reviews/adjustments, and a chance to make serious life changes. This is very much part of vibrational shifting, and a series of processes that we will all be working through as part of our transition into awakened and then 5d+ reality!

The great news about moving through these energy transitions is that once we begin to understand more about them, it can be a lot easier to work with, flow through, and even have FUN! Over the course of the last year, I shared a lot of materials geared toward helping people understand and work through these various stages/moments of ascension which are very much applicable in the now. In them, you will find descriptions about why/how these moment work and what we can do to connect to them with mastery. I will share a few of my favourites here!

For those who are finding themselves with racing thoughts of possibility and being faced with rapid-appearing, multi-faceted life ‘stuff’: “The Review”: Choosing Timelines”:

Building upon the review, how to connect to and release the patterns and energy stories that no longer serve us (as well as how to connect to new ones): “Releasing Timelines (And Connecting to New Ones)”:

For those entering or experiencing moments they term as Dark Night of the Soul: “The Illumination Stage”:

For those seeking practical tips to connect to and LOVE living in 5d+: “Connect to Love: How to Raise Your Vibration and Work Through Transition”:

And of course, my most recent video on the Equinox and Bifurcation: “Separating Worlds: Equinox Worked!:

If you are looking to go a little deeper on connecting to and working through these matters, I have several other more advanced study offers available to you!! Supporting people as they connect to and work through ascension is important to me, and I am grateful to be part of this journey!

1:1 Energy alignment sessions (for those working on bringing in/anchoring ascension energy transitions into their body/working through major energy upgrading/seeking support in the transition $90 CAD)

1:1 Mission alignment session (for those wanting to connect deeper to their lightworker missions and to receive specific training/channeled advice/energy alignments $111 CAD)

I am also beginning an ascension study group in a few weeks. The first topic is connecting to and living in 5d! Keep an eye on my page for upcoming announcements!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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