(Subversive forces are attempting to power portals using ego power and false guidance)

Major ripples are happening throughout the 'negaverse' at this time. The transitions we are going through combined with the moon has created the space for shadow flares in many. There is currently a vortex that is being powered by those of you who choose to act in ego, particularly on the lightfields. There is currently a vortex point being powered by lower vibrational frequencies which are being anchored in by people who are not acting in their hearts.

In the past 5 or 7 days, I have been noticing an increase of interference on the energy field transition. It is not surprising that subversive forces would spend their time getting into and sucking power from the lightworker community through ego and attack. I am aware of several openings that have been created by people listening to shadow guides who are, in free will, inviting this crap back in. Others who are acting in ego on the grids and not listening to highest good/primary ascension timeline directives are creating similar slippage.If you are out opening portals, doing vortex work, and bringing beings in, I IMPLORE YOU to make sure that you are in highest good and primary ascension timeline. Do not do things that feel weird or wrong, being pushed forward by the false idea that it is just you.

When you are in love, when you are surrendering to and serving the light, you cannot create this. The best way to ensure that you are in right action is to work through and purify your light body, transition into your crystal/Christed lightbody, and keep it moving from there.

Anyone wishing to contribute positively to ensuring that we create and operate in the highest possible timelines are invited to anchor energy into that space :).

A nice dance always helps to get one into alignment :P

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#energyupdate #timelines #music

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