Greetings beautiful friends of light and love!

It has been some time since I posted a video update. Service through Equinox was absolutely brilliant. I, like many of you, have had a strong re-setting period out of which I am FINALLY emerging. I received a lot of information in the stillness and am ready to start sharing more about the bigger picture of my work and where it all fits in. In thanks to all of you, I offer this update and further mission dedication :).

In this video, I talk a lot about the role that sacred sites play in supporting the operation of the gridsystem. I have been sharing about how this works. Most recently, creating this open access handbook for all of you that explains some beginner and basic connection bits:…/0B7MIabniR2_LZUlCVWoxTEVne…/view

During the post-Equinox upgrade, I was told that the sites are ready for further activation. My role in this is to connect to, learn from/share information with/activate/clear/ and connect as many sites as I can get to in alignment for the next phase of ascension. As I explain, there is much to be done with these magnificent structures. As a result, I am heading back to Europe to do as much as I can pre-December 21 (and beyond, but we'll focus on this first)

As I say in the video - if this message resonates with you - reach out to me!! My intention is to build up the capacity of and turn on as many sites as possible, cooperating with as many of you who feel called to do so. I am offering training beginning on October 9 and also do 1:1 and group sessions.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#gridwork #ascension #timelines

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