Gridworking Basics (Ascension/Lightwork Focus)

Where/When: Calls happen live through ZOOM (which is free to you to use). The video and handbook materials are distributed in a private forum here on FB once a week. You are free to access them as time/life allows throughout the week. The engagement runs for 7 weeks.

Those wanting to be prepped for the upcoming season of lightwork - this willl likely be my only chance to provide this offering. I have a lot of traveling and service to do which will require my attention.

Cost: $333 CAD

Basic outline: Week 1, Introductory Call and Welcome (1 hour)

Week 2-4: What are the grids and how do they work (developing your gridwork understanding and style style)

Week 5: Connecting in with your team/hearing and understanding your environment

Week 6: Gateway Gridwork and understanding how gridwork factors in to ascension

Week 7: Concluding call. This includes lots of q & a time for me to specifically address your queries. This call typically lasts 2 hours.

TO REGISTER: please contact me here on FB or at Payment can be sent to

If you require a payment plan, or require time to get registration together, please do reach out. I am happy to meet in the middle when it is fair to me.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#lightworkers #class #ascensionupdate #gridwork

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