• Katie IndiCrow

Integrating and Aligning

What an incredible amount of energy being shifted since the eclipse and Lion's Gate passageway have occurred. I am amazed every single day at how much has changed (is changing).

Bifurcation has occurred, and with that, many are being shifted into a new dimensional awareness. The work and the choices and the alignments called in throughout the last several months have now begun being anchored. As I have been experiencing these moments, it is time to put rubber to the road in a new type of way. I am doing so much creatively/capacity wise but at the same time, am finding myself being required to be 'still' in a way that does not typically happen in my expression of service. There is so much information coming in about what is to come in the next steps of service. Also the need for a lot of reflection, sleep, and the chance to allow plans to form and change. The realignments are necessitating realignments and it is that which I would like to address today.

We just went through a massive round of DNA upgrades and timeline transitions peppered (and supported by), solar flares, eclipses, and Lion's Gate alignments. Bifurcation is ongoing. Things have been shaken up. It is important for us to allow the space for answers and transitions to come through, and to take the time out for self care and re-alignment. If you are experiencing time standing still or the strong urge to stay home: take these moments of solitude to master the new skills you are likely upgrading through and to receive mission tasks. If it feels like you are on 'time out', you may well be. As I am experiencing it, this time is a G-I-F-T.

I am writing this update today because I feel like sometimes we forget about the enormity of what we are in the process of doing, and that it is important to take a minute if our bodies are telling us to in order to rest or shift. Allow your life to begin taking the new forms that this new reality creates and build your next steps from there. This is just as important to service and self development as an 'action' in the traditional sense. We got a lot to do in the coming weeks.....rest up if you're being given space to 😊!!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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