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Beautiful friends,

We are now moving into the weekend and a lot continues to go on. Ascension, change, choice making, solar flares, energetic cleansing - it is all happening right now. Many of us know and love people who are being impacted in one way or another.

I have long believed (and shared) about the power of collective intent and action. The type of togetherness that the various challenging situations occurring are inspiring many people to engage in is a beautiful emergence. It is absolutely wonderful to see/hear/share/experience so many people beginning to recognize and use their energy work potential to bring about primary ascension timeline results. This type of togetherness and the benefit of collective action is what I would like to focus on for a moment.

We have the power to shape our realities. These moments are an opportunity to begin understanding and participating in that awareness in a new way. Securing and anchoring primary ascension timeline energy into that which we intend to affect is one of the best actions any of us can take in these moments. Doing so creates no resistance, inserts no ego, and helps to bring about that which is required to happen in its most high vibrational form. Joining in together with people in unison to bring this about is an incredibly powerful tool that we have at our disposal. May these moments remind us of that in the coming years.

I have been personally continuing on with stabilizing, anchoring, and shifting through the flares and the energy fluctuations. Holding the highest possible vibrational frequency that I can and bringing it here to the earth, while also acting as a conduit for ascension energy, have been some of my main tasks in this regard.

Moving into the weekend, why not take some time to contribute to lightwork? Maybe it will be your first time, maybe it will be your millionth. The more, the merrier and we certainly do need help.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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