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Energy Update: Allowing it to Grow

Beautiful friends,

It's September. We are on the way to Equinox. A lot is going on.

I have been on a 'quiet' spate again, returning only to suggest lightworking actions and to issue stabilization requests. As I have said in other postings, what was shaken up and released through the last series of corridors into this now has meant that a lot has needed to be adjusted and escorted out of corridors and dimensions. We are simultaneously aligning and securing.

I used to speak quite frequently back in December of shifting out dark energies, and of the importance of remaining in love and trust as we move through time and space. Bifurcation has occurred, we are currently in another alignment for Equinox which will shift more. Part of what we are shifting at this point are some of the darkest, deepest levels of magic and repression that remained in tact. We are also moving and working with transfiguring and moving around the enormous releases happening in and through humans as they grow and change. In my own personal work, I have been spending much time ensuring that certain energies not serving love are being sealed out, having their power sources of fear cut (which serve as their door to our reality).

Many of you have been reporting having brushes with energy that is 'challenging' to you, and also seeing the flashpoint of subversion in your moments of fear/ego/pain. In these moments - RETURN TO LOVE. Get your vibration as high as you can, as quickly as you can, and do not feed into anything that is not high vibe truth. You experience the reality you set your focus in. Remember that in the coming weeks.

A second very important part of the work ongoing right now is the continued alignment and of course, securing and aligning grid points for the highest vibe possible flow of ascension energy and the sustenance of 5d+ earth. We require support on this task each and every day, and invite those of you who feel passionately about this to tune in, connect to love, and spread that into Gaia through meditation, walking lightwork, connecting to trees, lakes, rivers, WHATEVER it is that feels right to you.

This morning, I am heading back out to work with the water for a few more hours. As I prepare to head out, this song comes to mind. It reminds me so much of what it feels like to lay in the lights of love into the earth grids again. I invite those of you who feel so called to give it a listen, and to allow its movements to inspire you to bring in love, light, and stabilization/flow energy into the earth with me <3. We wanted this reality, and now it is time for us to put in the work. We must water it to grow.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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