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Hello, beautiful friends.

It's been an interesting few days connecting to and working with anchoring stabilizing energy into the grids here on earth. With the eclipse came the beginning of bifurcation, as well as a massive wave of release for many. Some of you have experienced that release in patterns such as timeline reviews, life changes, emotional clearing, completion and/or release of karma and more. As I have said in other posts, dear ones, this type of cleanse is necessary and very much a part of the ascension process that will continue for some time.

In the past few months, I spent a lot of time sharing with you about the importance of connecting into the earth and anchoring love when you can. Of going to the spaces in your communities or beyond that you feel called. Of the necessity of aligning spaces and getting them as high vibration as possible. Further elaboration of this can be found in my videos "The Power of Together" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJBAvTzelyw&t=36s and "Gateway Gridwork": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx3bV7LpCJc&t=552s. A big part of the reason for doing so was to call those who felt ready to care for and appreciate the grids and Gaia in this way.

As we go through the energetic cleansing process of our souls, it is important to remember that Gaia does too as a system herself. Waves of energy and ascension related activities create and connect to the energetic stability of the planet. When we let out big bursts, when we shake the foundations of the grids, when we shift significantly, we must also remember that she does too. In these moments, it is important for us to not get so caught up in 'big days' that we forget what comes before and after.

A big part of the reason that I began Love Wave and Rainbow Guild, and also why I support the Sandra Walter unity meditations is that coming together on a regular basis with intention is incredibly important. Working on alignment days to get the energy in is crucial, but so too is keeping up with regular practice and connection. This is how the system used to be run, and though we have the power to change it, right now the grids require YOU, ME, WE to connect in and do this work regularly. What you do does not always have to be the same. Switch it up! Have fun! What matters is that you are contributing in some way with heart felt intention on a regular basis.

I am in alignment for the weekend of work and will continue to stabilize. I invite those of you who feel called to join in with anchoring in light, love, and stabilizing energies in the same way that I write/spoke about in Lion's Gate pt. 3 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70aPd-f6CAg&t=8s. Connect in to your space and ask what it requires. You can do this! I believe in you.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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