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Hello beautiful friends,

We are once again dealing with the remnants of Eclipse related transitions in the timeline adjustment process. For many out there, this energy moment has created space for MAJOR timeline transitions and life adjustments. (Just as it was meant to.)

I have felt and communicated with many people the last few days who feel very confused about the transitions occurring in their lives, and who cannot understand how to work with/through the chaos/rapidity of energy transition.

For me personally, this wrap up has been a really joyful time. There were sooooo many tests, choices, challenges and opportunities that came my way (as I share a bit about in the vids). Using the techniques I share about in these vids, I was able to get through it and pop out on the other end in a life that is much more me. There is love, abundance, and so much more happiness than I ever thought were available to me, even a few months ago.

So why am I resharing, and also getting personal here? Because, dear friends, we are going to go through more shifting. As a person in one of my forums asked, "When will this end?". The answer.....not for quite a while. In fact, we are about to line up for another major set leading us into solstice. The best thing that we can do at this point is become masters of the process, use it to our loving advantage, and have fun with it! This does work, ascension is real, and there are so many ways that you can connect to, embody, and enjoy this process. If I can, you can too.

Here are 3 of my best pieces about timeline transitions, and I do recommend watching each of them to get practical tips and context about what is going on. (If you have non chrome browser and trouble with loading the site, youtube has each of these videos posted by name.)

Video/article 1: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/…/Lightworker-TipsAscensi…

Video/article 2: This one may be particularly helpful to people who are going through this for the first time: http://www.indicrowenergetics.com/…/CHOOSING-TIMELINES-AKA-…

Video/article 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdcSP97r6DM

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