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Hey, everyone!!! In addition to mission alignment/support sessions and private 1:1 training, I am excited to announce 2 new offerings that I am now sharing. (see pinned post or indicrowenergetics.com for more descriptions)



I am privileged to get to work increasingly closely with varieties of what some call 'crystal kids', 'rainbow kids', ....whatever the label is, there is no doubt that they are special. Often times, these highly sensitive, super awake beings find themselves experiencing different aspects of their 'awakeness' such as doing energy work in dreams or having information about how to do very specific lightwork tasks. In these sessions, I connect in with them (either with/through you) and provide them with understanding, direction, and support.

These sessions are something I am beginning to formally offer as of September/2017. I work with the children in the astrals and have most of my life. Over the past many months, these beings have been finding their way to me through parents in my classes and private session. I find myself naturally moving into the role of supporting healthy/loving family energy development dynamics as well as fostering that space of understanding in the kids about what it is they are experiencing and how to manage/share/build with it. I am humbly offering myself to provide this support to those who feel called to step into that form of journey with me.

Cost: $111 CAD per hour (form of session depends on your needs. For example, I routinely communicate with oversouls and gain information that way. Other times the kids are there for full sessions, other times they pop in and out)

SPECIAL TOPICS AND GROUP TRAINING Are you a group of lightworkers seeking support engaging with a specific site or figuring out an issue? I am pleased to provide special topics/skills training that are specific to the groups who are coming together to work with them.

In private training, I regularly connect to sites and energy patterns to guide and support efficient and effective connection with them. As we begin ramping up work in Equinox leading into Solstice season, I am being shown that larger groups of you will require my support in this fashion. In response to you, I provide this offering. I am currently located in Western Canada with a strong connection to Ireland and in addition, am highly mobile. Depending on the work, I can connect remotely or, if aligned, can come to the site and run mission with team.

Pricing: Highly specific depending on engagement factors like duration, location, and how many people to train. Fairness is incredibly important to me, and I will work with your team to establish exchange that aligns with our specific mission.

If you would like to engage at this level, please write an email outlining the site/issue, main objectives in seeking support, and give me a brief description of your group/team to katieindicrow@gmail.com

To get an idea of price estimate, see 'private study' and group gridworking options. Longer engagements with more people to hold space for will require more from me than hosting an afternoon workshop. For example, to run specific mission over 6 weeks with team = $444 CAD per person. We can be flexible based on needs and means.



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