In this video, I highlight the importance of doing what you can to share ascension energies during key alignment moments like our upcoming Eclipse. Building on 8 months of sharing, I remind you about the different skills we have been sharing and building, particularly through Love Wave. This ascension thing is not something done for us - it is by us - so join in and let's make this happen!


- Connect to the crystalline core of Gaia and align yourself with your main energy point (galactic centre/great central sun for many); - Call in the highest vibration of energy you are able to hold and allow it to begin ‘charging’ your body; - Call in your aspects/astrals and allow this energy to align and calibrate your energy body as a ‘whole’; - Connect to primary ascension timeline energies and allow your energy body to embody that vibration as part of its operating system; - Allow yourself to become a conduit for that energy, allowing it to pass through you and into the earth/grids/air - WHEREVER. - Imagine yourself and the light you are anchoring 'reaching out' to connect with other lightworkers sharing in work around the globe.

ON ECLIPSE DAY - Actions you can take to support transition and getting the grids as high vibe as possible:

I recommend during the Eclipse to connect in and anchor in pulses every 11 minutes.

The day of leading into/after, I recommend connecting every 11 minutes on the hour.

See you in the astrals!!

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#solareclipse #gateway #LionsGate #anchoring #ascension


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