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LIGHTWORKER UPDATE: Power up the sites (and souls)

Beautiful friends, today is a very special day. Energy has significantly shifted to a turning point, and we are on a strong and fast trajectory to 5d+ for all who choose it. It is time for us to come together again in collective action to support this beautiful transition.

If you are a gridworker: Power up your sites. It is time to start pumping as much high vibe energy as we possibly can into the system to support bifurcation. It is already happening and our support is now required.

If you are not a gridworker, that's ok. There is so much you can do as well! As I have been sharing for months now, connecting in to spaces and places that call you and anchoring love at any moment that you can is a tremendous help. At the office and have a moment to support the efforts? Awesome! Connect into the crystalline core and bring in/anchor light just like I have taught you.

Here are 2 videos that you can watch to get a better idea of various dynamics of service and HOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO, RIGHT NOW! (and why your efforts are important).

Spontaneous service (which talks about how to identify when is a good time to anchor light in alignment with waves and how to do it):

Gateways, Gridwork, and You (Us): How you can team up and tag in to service and more about exactly what is going on right now:

Much of what I have shared for the past 8 months has been to give perspective on what is going on and how we can be part of this. For more information on various sub-topics, scan my work on my website, www.indicrowenergetics.com by category and theme.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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