Greetings, beautiful friends!

Back in May, I began sharing information about how we can work with our teams to facilitate more comfortable 'contact'. (Yes, I actually mean connecting to ships and the beings who work them.) It was important to get that information out there because we knew that the true presence of our light family and friends was in the process of being negotiated and revealed.

As many are now saying, these moments are upon us. More and more people are starting to see and believe, and some of us are being called to step up and take a more embodied role in facilitating this process. As I share in these videos introducing the process, this does not have to be something done in the cloak of night in shadows. It is something that we are here to have fun with!!

Because we are expecting major contact in the next few weeks, I felt it appropriate to bring these sharings back to light and offer them once again.

Video 1: Making Star Family Contact:

Video 2: Contact pt. 2: Getting To Know Your Star Team

If you are ready for more advanced information, I also have a 2 hour training session available for a $30 CAD exchange. To access that, please email 😊.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#contact #lightworkers #starfamily

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