Energy Update: Processing continues

Energy Update: Processing continues for many, as we move into the next alignment

Beautiful friends,

Wow. What a week! As noted in my last update, I needed to take a few days after our ceremony on 8:8 and all that led up to it to accept, integrate, and adapt my energy body and life to that which came forward. Every person I have spoken to in energy land is in some way being knowingly affected by this. Why?

Well. There are many reasons. The main one I address now is that we asked for this. You see, we intend for the things that no longer served us to become apparent. And become ever more apparent, they are. Again. I remind you. We asked for this. We can get through this. We have the tools and the knowledge being built up through sites like this, Love Has Won, and great lightworkers sharing their beautiful suggestions and tools in preparation for these moments.

One thing I would like to do away with the notion that if you are or somebody near you is impacted, they are not doing 'their' work. That may be accurate in some cases however, these spaces created by the major timline shifting is dredging up the very filthy remnants of lifetime worth of pain. Individual and collective. Those who lived in certain times are having the chance to shed things rooted in their energetic existence that were incredibly difficult and in some cases, invisible, to get to. When transitions of this magnitude are occurring, it means that we are doing something right.

I am back up and running again, feeling wonderful and happy and ready to keep it moving. It took about 40 hours and real work, but the shifts were ready to happen and with dedicated effort and support from Mother, Michael, and some friends, getting through was doable. I just had to get real, remember my own advice, and make it happen. The same is true for all of you.

My best suggestion? Take a moment and get out and watch the stars. This meteor shower brings with it a lot of love ❤️

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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