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I am pleased to invite those of you wishing to do gridwork training with me to step forward and indicate your interest in my next round of training! This set is in preparation for the next major round of transitions (equinox) which will come after our beautiful August gateway.). ** (I am also doing private gridwork training - keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on that, or just feel free to email me directly.)***

GATEWAY GRIDWORK: BEGINNING August 28 Where: Online, in a digital forum hosted here on FB.

COST: $333 CAD (the cost has gone up because the volume of material and time I spend doing targeted training with the group is expanding!)

Topics include but are not limited to: explaining the grids, gridwork, and current ascension transitions from a technical level; anchoring and distributing ascension energy; aligning land and sites; creating 'energy cells' and batteries within the grids; understanding/discerning the grids and what is needed in a particular area, and how to work/coordinate in groups. ****The material here is geared toward a beginner leading into intermediate skill set. It is designed for this moment in ascension, where we are being specifically called to open, anchor and power up the crystalline grid through sites (sacred or otherwise), and will offer you a great base of skills to approach ascension gateway moments (and more). ****

When: Beginning August 28, the material will be released over the course of 6 weeks. During that time, there will be a group call for q and a/targeted skills discussion (2 hours) as well as a private group grid mission class (1-2 hours depending on students). We will determine the time of these calls based on classmate availability.

TO REGISTER: please contact me at indicrowinfo@gmail.com. Those wanting to reserve a space are requested to pay a deposit of $111 CAD which is refundable if need be. That can be sent to: paypal.me/KatieIndiCrow If you require a payment plan, or require time to get registration together, please do reach out. I am happy to meet in the middle.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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