ENERGY UPDATE Integration time!

Take a Few Days and BREATHE

I, like so many of you, experienced (and am still experiencing) a major energy shift that was exponentially amplified by Lion's Gate. YAY!

What does that mean? For me? Dealing with letting go another spiral of feelings and old behaviours. First honouring myself, then moving into service. Often times back and forth depending on which strands are severed :P. Lots of sleep, examination of things that would have broken me a few yeas ago (and are not now), and a realization of which of my own patterns or habits requires shedding next. Like clockwork, every August, this happens. I love being able to see progress and the space for growth it creates.

In order to honour this process, I am going to hold off on advanced information sharing for a day or two and focus on making sure I am the strongest, most loving, and most crystalline I can be. I WILL, however, be continuing to make announcements about the training and learning opportunities I am preparing to share from late August-October.

I love you. I know you (we) can do this.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#energyupdate #LionsGate #ascension #integratingenergy

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