Lion's Gate pt.2: Full Moon into 8:8 prep

Greetings friends, lovers, and beings of light!

In this video (the second in my Lion's Gate 2017 series), I address the emotional and energetic transitions that so many people are experiencing this moment.

Building on the information shared in my most recent timelines video, I connect to the notion of releasing timelines. In preparation for the full moon, I encourage you to connect in with this process of release in your N-O-W. In doing so, you are creating ever more space connect to your own creation and call in the beautiful ideas, experiences, and states of being that are part of our I AM presence. As shared in Lion's Gate pt. 1, 8:8 is a day of activation. Use it! pt.2:

For easy access, here are links to Lion's Gate pt. 1:

Releasing Timelines and connecting to CREATION:

And for those interested, here are links to my free 8:8 activation event:

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#LionsGate #eclipse #ascension #SelfMastery #Timelines

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