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Hi all. Happy Saturday. I wanted to take a moment to express some heart felt gratitude with the public.

One of my main objectives in 'going public' was to create high vibe spaces and information with those interested in learning more about ascension and lightwork. This began with a simple blog, moved into the creation of We are the Light and eventually, the creation of Love Wave. Through those venues, I have gotten to meet and in some cases, work privately with a lot of you.

As we have continued on, more and more people started joining in to the forums and the work of managing it all plus my growing service tasks became too much for me. What I thought would be a small group of a few hundred became two groups of several thousand. To give an example 'operations' (or sharing and planning) work has expended from blog sharing into events planning, international teamwork, trips, forums, community calls, and more. It became clear that this could no longer be run properly if it was a 'me' thing. We needed a 'we' thing.

Over time I had enlisted the help of others, but none who were ready to do the work with dedicated, long term effort. It takes a LOT. In the recent months, several people have stepped up to the plate BIG TIME to offer their hearts, creativity, and service to those of you being drawn by the light and wishing to participate in these community spaces and the ever growing list of events and meet-ups stemming out of them. They give their time freely and in pure love of sharing and connecting with you (us). Because of these people, We Are the Light has taken on a new vigor. Love Wave, which is really just taking off now, is also developing quickly. We have team organizing in South Africa, various parts of AB and BC, Ireland, USA, England (to date). For many of these people stepping out to share and facilitate, this is their first time being 'public'. Our next series of work together will involve major international lightwork coordination! (See Love Wave if you're looking for events/people to share with during Lion's Gate.)

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Julie, Julie, Dana, Katherine, Chris, Bianca, and Sonya for the time, effort, and love being put into creating moments and opportunities to share, engage, and cooperate in Love Wave and We Are the Light. I am excited to see how this is growing, and so glad that you are here standing in your beautiful I am presence.

It takes a community, folks, and these people are a very important part of what goes on behind the scenes right now regarding community space sharing ❤️.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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