Greetings, beautiful souls!

We are in a moment where so many are dedicating to their light and service, and stepping it up in the most beautiful ways. As a result, I felt it a prudent time to mention some of the materials I have been preparing for just these moments! The offerings described below are available for you to begin now, and you are free to take them at your own pace. Much like all that I share, these offerings are based heavily in practical application (you can use it here, now) and are designed in such a way as to support you connecting to your unique skills and talents as a lightworker.

WAYSHOWER SESSION SKILLS special topics coverage:

“The Power of Together” ($30 CAD): If you have been interested in my recent videos about teamwork, connecting with the land and other people, this is a more complex, detail and skills oriented expression of why this is important and how to do it. This 2 hour digital lecture comes with removal of abundance and team blocks, connection to understanding mounds and sacred sites, and ways that you can connect to Gaia and her children to anchor light, foster togetherness in a way that is uniquely you. I also talk about ways to align to your mission and to call it in.

“Getting and Staying in 5d+ Energies” ($30 CAD): This is a compilation of my very best skills available to offer you regarding how to connect to 5d+ energies and to stay there. In it, there are a number of suggested ‘skills’ upgrades that are useful to adopt when shifting between dimensions and paradigms. In it, I share ways to connect to your own unique skillset that lies within the story of your energy signature. No more cookie cutter lightworking! This is about developing YOU 😊.

SOULSPEAK Self Mastery; A month of self-connection and exploration ($222 CAD which includes 3 weeks worth of class material and concludes with a 1 hour private session with me). This series is for those who are ready to go deep into their souls, learning more about how to work with, understand, and clear their aspects. This class is specifically designed for those wishing to create a closer, more aligned connection with their soul aspects as part of their journey to Self Mastery.

Topics covered include (but are not limited to): How to go about identifying, clearing, and connecting to aspects of your soul, connecting to and clearing karma, and connecting to/closing timelines. During the 3 weeks of lectures, I give you an understanding of how this process works, provide guidance on how you can move through it yourself, and as always, provide energy clearing and blockage removal on the way. In our final week together, each participant will have a one hour energy alignment session with me where they’ll get the chance to ask very specific questions and receive specifically tailored tips and techniques to implement in their daily lives.

****To register please contact and identify which of the offerings you would like to receive. Payment can be sent to ***

Also, if you do not have the financial means but are looking to study more - please see my free series on embodying ascension, 8:8 activation event, and various service communities that I created for sharing and exchange We Are the Light and Love Wave. This post will lead you to some of those materials:…/lightworker-update-gateways-gr…

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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