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Avoiding Looping and Astral Distortion

I am going to just put this out there, because I am not scared and I am not the only one this is happening to.

A pretty sophisticated attack was attempted on me yesterday, and it came from several directions including through loved ones who were unknowingly brining the energy to me in casual conversation, and went on into the nighttime astral work. I am linking this article by Anastacia because it summarizes the energy of the time and occurrence.

I am not going to tell the story, because it is over and I refuse to let the ties connect back to me. What I will say is that it was discernable because the energy of the communications was so not in alignment with my primary ascension path that it stuck out like a sore thumb.

If you find yourself being baited by old situations, do not give in. Do not loop. Do not allow yourself to be dragged back into that which is over. There is distortion that comes along with timeline transitions and changes like we were (are) experiencing create space for these ripples to wave through.

How do you stay safe? Do not fall for it. The only things that can affect you are the ones you let get to you. Had I gotten mad yesterday when the events started, or reacted with rage in the astrals, the energies would have had me. Not getting sucked in was as easy as not getting sucked in. Stand back, see the patterns, and allow the timelines to get ripped away. Connect to your power, connect to your creation, and align yourself with your 5d plus/primary ascension timeline existence. (instructions on how to do that in my timeline videos). And most importantly - if something does not feel right, do not engage. As Archangel Michael recently said to me - you don't always have to use the sword. The shield is just as effective ❤️

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow


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