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Testy-tests being felt by many

The last few weeks have been pretty magnificent, as we have moved full steam ahead through timeline shifting. I have said lots about this in recent videos regarding allowing the old to fall away and creating in the new.

This morning, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some things that are going on in the astrals right now. Many of us are dealing with clearing and aligning and shutting out doors and other various access points. We have been dredging and escorting, closing, and opening, and we have been doing a great job.

The last few nights (and days if you work in the day this way), lightworkers have been reporting having some very bizarre and sometimes offputting scenarios play out (this extends beyond the personal into mission). I have myself had some of these experiences, meeting beings that were trying very hard to get me into anything but my highest vibe expression. This has happened with others, as being reported in the personal stories of those near to me which I do not have the permission to share but felt it worth stating. Things like threatening children, elderly charges, and hurting have come up. Why? Well, on one hand because we are dealing with clearing another layer of access/energy out. On another, as a way to bring us to what a 'worst' scenario could be.

The thing about chaos and shifting is that no matter what happens, or which experience you are part of, there is always room for growth.

So, for example in the astrals when things go down that make you feel angry or hurt or scared - wake up (or switch to body scanning energy alignment) - and ask yourself. Is this something that still lives in me? If so, let it go! If not, well now you know. These tests come in this dimension too! For me, this played out in getting on the wrong train and missing an important bus this morning which then brought forth a lot of self deprecating thoughts - ones I used to have all the time before I learned to love myself and let go of my programming. I even thought about staying home, and in old times I may have let anger and frustration and self loathing do that to me. Not today! That's not who I am any more and I am thankful for the unexpected reassurance. (Returning to body scan and clearing - the pattern ended quickly and yours can too.)

There are challenges in the road, strange and weird moments to be sure. But you know what else there is on this path? More beauty than we can even imagine.

Sending love to those who would like to receive it as I make my way to the mountains. For real this time😛. With no more missed busses or wrong trains 😊.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

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