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LIGHTWORKER UPDATE: Lion’s Gate pt.1: Personal and Planetary Ascension

Beautiful friends,

We are in the Lion’s Gate portal, which is a series of alignments following in rapid succession that we may use to boost our own and planetary ascension. This is the first video in a series talking about how we can use this period to release old timelines and trajectories and following that, connecting to our soul’s purpose and mission. In the video I give a broad overview of the current energetic exchange many are experiencing. (These are outlined below.) From there, I introduce the significance of 8:8, a day of great potential for personal and planetary ascension efforts to be anchored in. All choosing love are invited to join in to that ceremony, which you can access to here:

Much more from me and the beautiful volunteer sharers who have stepped up to serve those serving love through their participation in the Love Wave Lion’s Gate series 😊.

July 25: Womb day

July 26: Energetic New Year

Lightworker Suggestion:The wombing/rebirth period is set to continue being experienced right up until around August 7 at which point, it is possible to do another round of profound release

August 7: Full moon/partial lunar eclipse

LightWorker suggestion: Release of that which no longer serves you in full moon ceremony; extend that into karmic stories, tertiary and secondary timelines.

August 8: Lion’s Gate Alignment (hosting a free event https://www.facebook.com/events/106821223320165/) Lightworker Suggestion: Personal dedication/alignments and targeted anchoring work to secure ascension energy

August 17: Collective action day for those participating in teams associated with the network I'm coordinating in

August 21: Solar Eclipse - More on this and other lightworker action post 8:8

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgYTcGWVyVs

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