Ascension update: Wombing

Tomorrow, we enter into what is recognized in some alignments as 'energetic new year'. A time during which we are free to use the aligments and energies of Lion's Gate and the beautiful positioning of Sirius in relation to Gaia, planet Earth. To some, this date is recognized as one holding a 'womb' like state.

We have been through an incredible series of timeline transitions and shifts which have born strong impact on our energetic bodies, dna codes, and trajectories. This is a blessing for which I am truly grateful.

The energy of today does indeed feel womb-like. I am enjoying the process of connecting to and aligning my energy body to streamline it and all my timeline/trajectories into highest possible vibrational alignment. There are a lot of physical sensations as I run the upgrades through my body, and it is a true joy to say 'goodbye and thank you' to patterns and possibilities that are now something that almost never existed. As I do this, I then call in my mission again and again, surrendering to humble service and the wisdom and strength to act in its highest expression.

(See DNA and 2 most recent timeline videos of mine for details on how to upgrade and recalibrate dna and lines.)

If you feel the urge, beautiful friends. Rest. Take care of your energy body and soul. We have been through a lot - all of us - and there is more just on the other side of this bend. Recalibrate. Align. Sleep. Love. Cry. Do whatever it is you need to do to let go of what is no longer needed and call only what is in highest divine order to you.

In loving co-creation,

Katie IndiCrow

#Ascencionupdate #LionsGate #DNA

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